It has Been a busy season

Sorry folks,

I have not been good at keeping posts up. I has been a busy season; our Tuesday Farmers Market (at the Franklin Hospital) has come to a close. It was our first year there and it was a great market. We will be going back next year. One more Thursday market (at Downtown Laconia) It was good to be back there see all you familiar faces and new ones too. We are in the middle of our second cut of hay, one more field and hay season will be in the barns. Gardens are wrapping up, time fore cover crops and to get our garlics and shallots in the ground.

I have also been working on a pinterest fold on my page (Glenn Crawford, Our Farm- Stone Labyrinth Farm folder)

Many project set to be done before snow flies.

Post more later


Laconia Main St Marketplace

That is where you will find Stone Labyrinth Farm every thursday from 3-7pm until the end of september. Downtown Laconia, NH just follow the signs.

We selling meats, veggies and other farm products

Frozens meats: chicken, duck, quail, lamb, pork or beef.

Veggies: too many too name so stop by and see what is new out of the gardens.

Also variuos other farm products: jams, jellies, oils and vinegers, frozen vegetables. syrups and more.

We are a small farm and do not grow or raise more food then the farm can sustainable handle, so that means we will run out of products from time to time untill the next batch is ready for you to enjoy.

Can’t wait to see you there

Connecting to the Earth: We live here, therefore it is our responsibility as well as our pleasure to be good stewards to the land. Treat it with respect and the land gives us gifts beyond measure. Abuse it and it shrivels and dies. We revel each day in the incalculable miracles around us. From the small chick hatching, to the majestic maples, we are grateful for the bounty the land provides. Taste: There is a clear superiority in natural, locally grown foods! Try it and see.