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Thank You!!!!

Big thanks to all who stopped by today and BIG THANKS to all who bought shares!
Thanks for supporting local farmers!!!!!


Here is a Blue ribbon for a great job help us be Farmers!!

Glenn & Kerry


CSA Day Event This Friday

Ok gang,

Big event this Friday!

Wayfarer Coffee in downtown Laconia, is┬áhosting a #CSA Day event. We will be there and a couple more farms. Come see what we have for CSA Shares. Below is listed Wayfarer’s Facebook page event go check it out.


We can’t wait for Friday!

We’ll be joined by our friends from Winnipesaukee Woods Farm // Picnic Rock Farms // & Stone Labyrinth Farm

Come check it out, learn what each CSA offers, learn where your food comes from and sign up for a CSA share!

New Helper to the Farm

It is our new Mulch Layer! This will help cut down on weeds and pulling weeds. This will increase the growth of all the veggies. Also help us on time management, we now can focus more attention of veggies that we can’t use the mulch layer on.

We have been busy this winter researching paper mulch. Paper mulch mulch unlike plastic mulch does not need to be picked up at the end of the season. We found a couple choices here is one of the top contenders:

Weed Guard Plus is an organic paper mulch

“OMRI Listed Organic Natural Formulation
All-Natural Weed Suppressing Mulch
Effective and durable product
Boosts production, good for the environment”

It will degrade during the season and we just till it in. This will be a big help!

Forgotten Summer Post

Hi gang,

Yep this next post was done in the warmest of day during the summer and I was busy and forgot to post it.

So here a little flashback to summer!

It was tomato season and with TONS of tomatoes around I made basic tomato sauce.
No herbs or spices except some salt.
And two of my favorite tools for the job; good old 1970’s Squeezo! and my trusty battery operated drill!



















And away we go! I tried to post a video to show it in action and it would not let me. bummer.

All said and done over 7 quarts on this day.

Now I am looking forward to greenhouse time and planting! Come on spring



The Shank

The Shank, a lost cut of meat to most people.

Today I used the last of my beef shanks up, how you ask: Beef Bolognese.




0212161615.jpgThe shank can be tough with all the connective tissue, but with a good slow braise it fall apart and the flavor is great.

Yes it took all day but the kitchen smelled wonderful.0212161617a.jpg

Supper time came and I could not wait, made some fluffy mash taters. It was done nice big scoop of tater then the beef bolognese. 0212161915.jpg

It was yummy!!!!