Look what came in the mail, a box of peeps. Thanks to Murray McMurray The top half (yellow puffball, Cornish Game Hens.) are our meat birds in 5-6 weeks they will be ready for Freezer Camp. The bottom half (reddish puffballs, NH Reds) are our new egg layering flock.  16 weeks we should be getting eggs.
And as you notice there is and odd fellow in the box, it is our free rare bird, we don’t know what it is. If the Chicken is Fanciful it becomes lawn candy otherwise it is off to freezer camp.

You might have noticed that there is not a lot of meat birds (24) There is a couple reason for that:
1.Less birds mean more space for the birds.
2.More space means less stress on the birds.
3.Less stress means happy and health birds.
4.Fresher chicken for you, this means  I rotate through my inventory quickly and refill with new inventory.
5.When it is time for freezer camp, an easier day for me. 🙂



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