Busy busy little mee (us)

Well it is raining, that is great no watering today. Here at the farm we have been busy busy little bees, tending the greenhouse working in the gardens. With a little rain I can escape and post an update.

Things are coming up great in the greenhouse. the gardens are doing well. The fields will be ready to make hay soon.

The mulch layer, is taking longer than I thought to tune in just right. Last wind storm we lost a lot of paper, most did not have plants in it yet total of 2 rows blow away. Now I know what I have to do, the front disc need to go deeper and the back disc need to do better coverage. It is doing a great job keeping the weeds away.

Also we here at Stone Labyrinth Farm and Wayfarer Coffee Roasters; http://www.wayfarerroasters.com are doing a raffle for ever 12oz bagged coffee bought you get a raffle ticket for one of our CSA Shares! So go visit them and buy some coffee!!!!!!!!

We will see you soon at the Farmers Market; Tuesdays @ Franklin Hospital and Thursday downtown Laconia.


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