New Critters on the farm

New Critters to the farm
Our new Pigs; Snowflake and Steve, GOS X Duroc They will be our new breed set, hopefully many many years of lil piglets (Bacon seeds lol)


Mr Cow; He is a “Custom Graze Beef” I will be raising him to market weight for a customer. For more in for on custom grazing meat email me at


Here is our cute Highlanders; Jack & Sally these too are for breed stock


Our ducks this year hatch out a little flock of ducklings this year all on there own 🙂


He is enjoying himself cuddled into a nice warm pocket, we raise rabbit all year long.


Tried a new breed a chicken this year Cornish Game Hens. What a great bird, we grow them to many different sizes 1.5 lbs up to 6lbs. Depending on your family size we can have a chicken for your table.


3 thoughts on “New Critters on the farm”

  1. Dear Glenn, Thank you for your expertise raising the Cornish hens… so far everyone was amaze how tender and tasteful they cook up. I only have two left. Please, let me know next time you have some more cornish hens at least a half dozen for sale. Also, as well other meats… best wm

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