CSA Membership 2018 are on their way

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CSA Membership are on sale

Vegetarian Share: 14 weeks of veggies to feed two people $400.00

Carnivore Share: 14 weeks, 4-5lbs of farm raised meats (chicken, pork, rabbit, duck and s goose)$450.00

Omnivore Share: 14 weeks  of 1 Vegetarian share and 1 Carnivore Share $825.00

Egg Share: A dozen eggs a week for 14 weeks $50.00

Whole Farm Share: one veggy, one meat and one egg share $860.00


Email me with questions  stonelabyrinthfarm@gmail.com



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When our site went down last year I thought I lost it all, until my honey told me to log into wordpress. Guess what it was all there I just lost the domain not the blog site.

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How to Store Your Eggs for Maximum Freshness

Posted on March 30, 2017 by McMurray Staff

We all know that the freshest eggs come directly from your chicken but, more often than not, you will have to store your eggs for a few days or possibly a few weeks. So, what is the best way to store eggs so they remain fresh until ready for use?

Eggs that have been washed should be refrigerated. Washing the egg removes the “bloom” which is the protective outer coating. Egg shells are porous and the bloom seals up the pores allowing the egg to breathe. The bloom is the egg’s best defense against bacteria and contamination.

If you plan to use the eggs that day, washing them first is a good idea. But if you plan to store the eggs, then delay washing them until you plan to use them.

When you gather your own eggs, you may leave them on the counter for several weeks and they will still be fine. If your house is too warm (above 80 degrees) its best to keep them in the fridge as they might incubate!

When refrigerating eggs, it is important that the temperature be kept between about 36 degrees (F) and 40 degrees (F). Anything colder and the eggs are likely to freeze. Anything warmer than that, and they will deteriorate faster.

Eggs can absorb strong odors from other foods in the refrigerator, so it best to keep eggs in an egg carton rather than store them in the open-topped egg tray that comes with or was built into your refrigerator. Store them on one of the shelves instead of in door as they will remain at a more constant temperature. Also, eggs should always be stored with the large end up, as this helps the yolk remain centered.

Enjoy Farm Fresh Eggs!
Here on the farm we only wash the really dirty eggs, the clean ones are not wash. At home we do leave our eggs on the counter in the kitchen.
Any questions feel free to ask us.

Glenn & Kerry

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